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Beyond the Basics: Unique and Unusual Things to Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, a desert resort city in California surrounded by four mountain ranges, is not just about golfing or lounging by the pool. Beyond the main streets with glitzy decor and signature palm trees, lies a world of unique and unusual activities that often miss the eye of even a seasoned traveler. This dazzling oasis holds countless secrets just waiting to be discovered by inquisitive visitors.

Sure, the city offers the comfort of traditional tourism with its luxury spas, designer stores, golf courses, and art galleries, but why not go beyond the basics? Why not explore the often uncharted path where Cityplanet's Palm Springs excursions can lead you to experience things exclusive to this magical desert city?

The Door Tour

Start off your extraordinary journey with the Instagram-famous Door Tour. Palm Springs is known for its Mid-Century Modern architecture, featuring countless homes with vibrant and eccentric front doors. This self-guided tour is a must for any architecture or photography enthusiast. Get ready to capture the charm and personality of Palm Springs through these iconically colorful doors.

Joshua Tree National Park at Night

Next on your journey, head towards the Joshua Tree National Park, famous for its namesake trees. However, the park elevates itself from ordinary to extraordinary at night. It is an ideal spot for stargazing, allowing you to gaze deep into the universe’s heart. This unforgettable spectacle of the galaxy is a must-experience event when you visit Palm Springs.

The Integratron

Moving on, get ready for an encounter with the other-worldly at the The Integratron. This unusual 38-foot tall dome is deemed a fusion of art, science, and magic. According to its creator George Van Tassel, the structure is based on the design of Moses' Tabernacle and the writings of Nikola Tesla. The Integratron offers a unique 'sound bath' experience — a sonic healing session with quartz bowls — is an hour-long sensory adventure you can’t miss.

Sunny Cycle

For a truly quirky ride around town, hop on board the Sunny Cycle. This electric, pedal-powered vehicle hosts a tour around downtown Palm Springs led by a professional and lively guide. The cycle boasts a sound system, LED party lights, and even a stocked cooler to make the ride fun and entertaining!

Robolights Sculpture Park

Lastly, make sure to ease off at the peculiar Robolights Sculpture Park. Created by artist Kenny Irwin Jr., this four-acre residential property turned art space carries an impressive collection of sculptures made from recycled materials. Walking around this wonderland of whimsical creations, especially during the holiday season when it’s alight with over nine million bulbs, can be quite an awe-invoking experience.

Clearly, the city goes above and beyond the ordinary to offer an interesting mix of unique and unusual activities that break away from the standard 'Palm Springs' offerings. If you're looking for more such experiences around the country, Cityplanet's excursions in the United States can guide you towards some of the best kept secrets.

In Palm Springs, go beyond the standard, take the road less traveled, and be ready to be amazed by its charm that extends beyond the basics—Palm Springs is ready to serve you with experiences exclusive to its desert charm.