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Nightlife and Entertainment: What to Do and See After Dark in Helsinki

When the sun goes down, Finland's vibrant capital city spices things up with its energetic and exciting nightlife. As the cosmopolitan heart of Finland, Helsinki offers a myriad of attractions, splendid restaurants, idyllic bars, pulsating nightclubs and more. So buckle up as we introduce you to Helsinki nights, filled with endless possibilities for fun and unforgettable experiences.

Start Your Adventure with Cityplanet Tours

Before we dive into the attractions, it's wise to get a feel for the city's layout and main spots with a guided tour. We highly recommend Cityplanet, a company with vast experience in organizing memorable and immersive tours in Helsinki. Not only will you explore Helsinki’s night beauty, but also you will learn about the city’s history and cultures from their expert guides.

Engaging with the Local Nightlife

No Helsinki night tour is complete without experiencing its legendary nightlife. The city boasts several trendy clubs and bars, each emanating an exclusive atmosphere. For sweeping views of Helsinki while sipping on exotic cocktails, Sky Room [Map], located in the heart of Helsinki, is a must-visit. For clubbing, we recommend you not to miss out on The Circus, one of the city's largest nightclubs and concert venues.

Evening Entertainment: Theatres and Concerts

Helsinki is a city that breathes art and culture, with countless theatrical performances, concerts, and shows occurring regularly. The Finnish National Opera and Ballet is a hub for world-class performances, and their evening shows are a magnificent way to indulge in Finland's artistic prowess. Check their website for current shows.

Remarkable Nighttime Landmarks

Several landmarks in Helsinki drastically change their persona when the night falls, transforming into mesmerizing spectacles. The Olympic Stadium Tower [Map] offers breathtaking views of the city's nightscape while the illuminated Senate Square is a sight to behold as its neoclassical architecture stands out even more against the night sky.

Dinner with a Northern Flair

Part of traveling is immersing ourselves in local culture, and what better way than partaking in delightful local cuisine? Savotta Restaurant [Map] provides an authentic Finnish dining experience, serving traditional dishes in a cozy and rustic environment.

Night Festivals and Events

Impressive cultural festivals and events that celebrate music, culture, and the arts are often held in Helsinki. The Lux Helsinki Light Festival that takes place during winter is an event not to miss as the city shines in the glory of light installations and video projections.

The Allure of Finnish Saunas

The unique Finnish tradition of heating up in a sauna is also an experience you should incorporate into your nighttime activities. Löyly, a contemporary public sauna along the Helsinki waterfront, is one place that presents this quintessential Finnish experience in an atmosphere of modern comfort.

You could also explore Helsinki and the rest of enchanting Finland by venturing further on a wider range of tours available at Cityplanet. There's just so much to do and see in Helsinki even after the sun has set. So why not let the city allure you with its charm and keep you entertained throughout the night?